Video Essay

Upload your Axon EMT Admissions Video Essay

  • Read the instructions on this page

  • Shoot your video

  • Return here to upload your video

Your Admissions Video is an important part of your application process, and it must be submitted using this form.

While we appreciate quality in your work, you may treat this as a “selfie” type video.

Cell phone quality is fine.  It is acceptable to simply hold a camera at arm’s length and record your video, however we encourage you to employ any strategy that might help our faculty judge your technical abilities, your motivation and your ability to thrive in an online program.  Don’t stress out over this, just follow instructions and be sure you address all three questions listed below.

The video must be at least one minute in length and should not be longer than five minutes.

You are encouraged to complete this video submission immediately after completing your online application.

Get your camera ready and tell us the following THREE things:

  • State your name and tell us where you live.

  • State why you are interested in an online program versus a face-to-face class.

  • An online program requires self-motivation and a commitment of time.  State what personal strategies you would intend to use to ensure that you could complete your work in a timely and effective way.

Return here to upload your video: