Application Process

Application Process

  You will need to complete the following in order to complete the Application Process for Axon Education:

1. Online Application:

Please go to and complete the online application for Axon Education.

2. EMS Testing Instructions:

Go to
Click on “Create Student Account”
Follow through with account set up
You will get an email that says “Activate Your Account”, Click this
You will be taken to a new page or tab scroll down and agree to terms
Click the GREEN “Enroll Now”
Under “Select School” scroll down to “Axon Education and Date”
Under “Select a Course” Scroll down to “Program Name”
Select “Sign Up”

A request will be sent to enroll in the course
You will receive an email that says your enrollment has been accepted
In that email scroll down and select Sign in to
Once signed in you will see a box that says “EMSTESTING.COM
Under “Select a role” Select “Program Name and Date”
Under Current Assessments, please complete all of the listed assessments

3. Video Essay Completion and Submission:

Go to  and follow the instructions provided.

These two tasks along with the application are what we use to evaluate students and make our admission decisions. Take them seriously, take your time, and complete them proficiently.