Request Cohort Change

The following form may be used to request a change of cohort.

In order to be eligible to change cohorts students must be current on their financial bill and agree to make all upcoming payments according to the original schedule.  Students may be eligible to change cohorts under two circumstances.

    1. Students who are approaching the maximum allowable time for completion of their course/program may request to change cohorts in order to extend the maximum allowable time to completion.  Students agree to remain active in the course/program in order to be eligible.
    2. Students who are experiencing life circumstances which preclude them from actively participating in a course or program may request to change cohorts and be inactive until the new cohort begins.

    NOTE:  Once you submit the form you a support ticket will be created and you will be contacted regarding the outcome.  There is no need to specify the new cohort, an Axon support representative will discuss your options with you personally.